Wow, two weeks without a post! July has been a really busy and crazy month, but a blast.  So what have I been up to the past couple of weeks?? Let’s see….in addition to my real job, I hosted friends from California (check out my post NYC “Cool” Tourists), jaunted out to Montauk for a long weekend of surfing (one more thing checked off on the Endless Summer list!), spent some fun Saturday nights out in NYC with friends, flowed at some great yoga sessions (check to yoga on the pier!), attended three awesome concerts, and squeezed a TON of packing in between.

As I type I am transitioning from being a Hell-Raiser to a Rock-ette. Huh, what?! In simple terms, I am moving from my apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan to Rockaway, Queens.  My belongings are in boxes (all 15 of them) and I can’t wait to finish this move because I LOATHE packing and unpacking. Bottom line, moving stresses me out. So you may ask why self-inflict the stress?



A little over a year ago I was bitten by the surfing bug. Ever since then, any free weekend I have is spent catching the A train with my surfboard in tow to head to the beach. Any vacation that I plan is centered around if I can surf…hence two trips to Costa Rica in the past year (check out Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo), a trip to the Outer Banks, and a California road-trip. So when my lease renewal came in the mail in June, the decision to move to the beach in Rockaway was a no-brainer. Well, I did contemplate what I would be trading in and gaining moving out of Manhattan. For example, here are some of the thoughts that ran through my head…


  • No more riding the subway with my 9 foot longboard
  • Dawn Patrol & Glass Offs aka surfing before work, after work, and ALL weekend
  • Cheaper rent
  • New places to explore
  • Outdoor rooftop terrace AND backyard


  • Longer commute
  • One subway line to Rockaway
  • Yoga studio not down the street
  • No taxis to Rockaway after a night out = earlier curfew

But when push-came-to-shove, I needed to make a lifestyle decision and Rockaway was calling my name. Here is to the adventure that awaits @ the Rock!