100% Recycled

Nature. Makes. Me. Happy.

A couple of months ago I found a t-shirt here in Tamarindo with this saying on it. Nail hit on the head.

Back when I lived in NYC and worked on the 24th floor at a large bank, I dreaded being stuck inside all day. I relished being able to take a break to walk outside, even if just for fifteen minutes of New York City air. When I was able to escape on the weekend to the suburbs, the smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of the swaying trees was sensory overload. Rolling in the grass never felt so good.


Then I ditched my cubicle job at Citigroup and moved to Costa Rica. Nature made me very, very happy. Especially the beautiful Pacific Ocean, Mother Nature’s waves and her glorious sunsets. Practically every day, my mornings and afternoons are spent frolicking with nature.


View from my corner office rocking chair.

Thankfully for me, the sun is way too intense for this fair blonde, and as a result I spend a lot of my time every day hiding inside away from the sun. It is a good excuse to get work done (yes, y’all I promise you I actually do work). In fact, all of the vampire hiding from the sun gave me time to design my postcard prototypes. That plus a whole bunch of amazing Tamarindo sunsets led to Samba to the Sea Designs. I guess this is what you call a happy medium…


Sunset last week…

So when it came time to decide how I should print my postcard designs, choosing to be eco-friendly was an easy choice; in the past year and a half I have spent so much enjoying Mother Nature that if I was going to print a product, it better be in an eco-consciousway. The added benefit of printing on 100% recycled paper was that the matte finish on the cards was way cooler than the glossy paper stock. And the recycled, kraft paper envelopes for my notecards are pretty bitchin’ too. Score!


Happy Earth Day! Te quiero mucho Mother Nature!

Pura Vida,


P.S. Apparently, y’all like my cards as much as I do because since the end of July I have sold over 2,400 cards. Nature certainly makes me very happy!