Happy Monday! I am happy to report that Rockaway is treating me well, although come Mondays I need a day off from my weekends! Since moving in, my weekends have been spent with a caravan of my friends catching the A train to visit my new digs. I am now honing my skills as beach house host, surf instructor, and backyard BBQer!

This past weekend I was fortunate and so excited to have one of my closest friends from college visit, as well as host a BBQ on both Saturday and Sunday for my friends. On my way into work this morning, after a weekend spent surfing, catching some rays, cooking & eating, and laughing my tushie off with a great crew, I  started to reflect on the amazing people that are enriching my life right now. Over the past year I have met some pretty phenomenal people who I am now honored to call my friends. In addition to my “oldie but goodie” friends, I truly feel blessed to be surrounded by these genuine people.

This led me ponder why over the past year and a half the influx of new friendships? I hands down attribute these relationships to starting to practice yoga almost two years ago and learning how to surf last summer. These two practices have not only helped me embark on my journey to find my true self, but also helped me to open up, to give and to receive. Surfing and yoga have helped me to be happier and more confident in different ways than before, and as a result be a better friend. I truly believe that when you are able to better understand your values and self, you are able to more easily connect to like minded people.

So after a wonderful weekend surrounded by good friends, I wanted to say thank you to all my friends out there. I feel so blessed to have met such genuine people as well been able continue to deepen my friendships with my “oldies”.

Thank you for the spontaneous happy hours, the “twin” photo shoots, beach bumming and BBQing,  flying across the country to give me a haircut or catching the train to spend a weekend with me, always keeping my glass full,  sincerely laughing at my corny jokes and poking fun at me at the same time, hosting me for a weekend jaunt,  being up for any adventure that I throw your way, helping me roll with the punches, knowing that true friendship simply values the smile or a fall off your seat laugh, and giving without ever expecting anything in return.

I definitely get by with a little help from my friends…thank you, thank you, thank you.