Silence. Not a peep. A whole twelve days without a single post! I admit it, I had “blogger’s block”.

But seriously, how could I not have anything to write about when I am living in such a beautiful place? Well, that just explains it…I live in such a beautiful place that words sometimes can’t explain all those moments. I was so busy taking it all (lucky you that I took some pictures) and now I finally am coming out of the groggy-sick fog that I was in pretty much all last week. Plus, I had a pretty nice 5:30AM dawn patrol surf session practically all to my self this morning and the adrenaline is flowing onto the keyboard.

Bottom line I am addicted to waves. I am so addicted that my yoga practice is suffering. I have not stood on my head in almost two weeks (or more)…but thanks to all the upper body strength that I have gained due to paddling a surfboard every day, my hand stand ย is not as pathetic. Sounds like I need to blog on self-motivated yoga practices……

Boat surf-trip to Avellanas: panorama from a rocking boat

Back to waves. Well, since I got to Costa Rica, I have been blessed to have a six friendly faces to surf with, plus some new ones. No, these six friends didn’t drop everything and decide to come visit me (I would like to think that I am that popular…wishful thinking). Talk about timing, they actually had their trips planned back to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, where we first met. This place ย is seriously camp for adults. SO MUCH FUN.

Again, I am a lucky girl that I was able to join them on some of their surf trips, either to Playa Grande, Avellanas, or our coveted Secret Spot. We also have had some fun sessions right in Tamarindo. With all this surfing, I actually am making progress. Drum roll please…I actually cross-stepped (walked) on my board yesterday!!! Who am I?! I know photographic evidence would be key right now, but I am hoping Santa will bring me a Go-Pro camera so I can actually share with you guys some of the stoke that I get from charging down waves.

OK, the “blogger’s block” is coming back and I know y’all could care less to hear me ramble…

Happy Monday and have a great Thanksgiving week!!