What can you accomplish in 200 hours? How about 200 hours in two weeks? Perhaps if you were a doctor, lawyer, or investment banker (cough cough), 100 hour work weeks would be the norm. But what if you were spending all of those hours doing something that you actually loved?

How about  Yoga teacher training to be exact…and only a couple hours of surfing…gasp!!!


For you yogis, sounds pretty awesome, right? How about five minute Frog poses and a day filled with eight hours of Asana (yoga practice)? OK, so my body screamed at me at certain points during the 200 hours, but in order to teach from your authentic self, I needed to dive deeper into poses in order to shake out whatever was hiding.


So yea, I kind of am going all yogi on y’all. I’ll put it this way; If I am all wrapped up in myself how can I truly connect outwards? Do you really want your yoga teacher giving a class when they really are not present?! OK realistically, who can do asana all day, every day for two weeks? If I wanted to learn how to be a yoga teacher, I had to also teach! Oh and also do some reading, homework and studying…




The two weeks were like a time warp; it went by so slowly but also flew. Before I knew it, it was time to pack up and go back to Tamarindo. I didn’t want to leave my bubble, but I also was so ready to go home.

So much love and gratitude to Hali at Multi Style Yoga Institute for guiding me through this amazing journey and my training group for their awesomeness.