Guanacaste Sunset

Now that Memorial Day weekend has passed and it is officially June (JUNE?!?!), the northern hemisphere is starting to enjoy the beauty of summer. For me, summer evokes memories of rolling around in lush lawns, climbing trees, swimming in pools, BBQs, playing outside with my friends, beach days, catching fireflies, late sunsets, and the awesome feeling of being free. Last year I had a “Summer To-Do List”, which means I better starting compiling a new list since I will be spending some time in the US in July and August!

First thing on this list is the “Wave Shape Challenge” by Calavera and Adam Rosante. Back in January, as part of my New Year’s Resolution, I resolved to commit to a healthier body. Since making this resolution, I have gotten in better surfer shape thanks to surfing every day, slimmed down and toned up. BUT, I have decided to amp up my workouts, thanks to an email I received a couple of weeks ago from the Calavera girls on their Wave Shape Challenge, which “is a new, hard-core original workout regimen designed to get you bikini or boardshort ready. Anna Jerstrom, Owner/Founder of surf-ready swimwear brand Calavera tapped celebrity fitness expert and fellow surfer Adam Rosante, Creator of The People’s Bootcamp, to design a workout that would enhance their performance and get them in “wave shape” in time for summer. The result is a high-intensity, 45-minute full-body workout designed to create a slim-yet-strong surfer’s body, build explosive power, increase total body strength, skyrocket endurance, improve flexibility, and boost confidence.” The challenge lasts during the month of June, with three WaveShape workouts per week and two other cross-training days of choice.

Wave Shape

Well, lucky me, since I can’t resist surfing everyday, I am choosing to do a double session of high intensity workouts three days a week, which started today! I surfed Playa Grande today for almost three hours in the morning, refueled and then did my first workout in the afternoon. I certainly worked up a sweat and I can already feel the burn…I certainly am going to sleep well tonight! Can’t wait to see the results at the end of June!

Working up a sweat...and Endless Salad to refuel compliments of Robert August

Working up a sweat…and Endless Salad to refuel compliments of Robert August

It is about knowing where you are going, not forgetting where you started. About having the courage to fail, not breaking when you are broken, taking everything that you been given, and making something better. It is about work before glory. And what is inside of you. It is doing what they said you can’t. It is not about the shoes, it is about what you do in them. It is about being who you were born to be. -Michael Jordan

sunset panorama

Enjoy the pictures from the past couple of weeks!


Pura Vida,