What to do when the mother-of-the-groom falls and breaks her arm two hours before the ceremony and is rushed to the hospital for surgery?

  1. Have your cousin GoPro the ceremony.
  2. Hide your iPhone in the bust of your dress so you can record the ceremony just in case #1 has technical difficulties.
  3. Take photos. Edit photos. Do blog post and share with mother-of-groom as fast as you can.
  4. Have bride bring her wedding dress to mother-in-law’s house over Christmas so mother-in-law can put on her beautiful dress and take pictures with her family.
  5. Edit those photos and share!

In case you were wondering, the mother-of-the-groom just so happened to be my mother. Short story is that she fell two hours before my brother’s wedding and missed the entire event. Good thing her daughter likes to dabble in photography. Even better, my family was able to spend Christmas together so we decided to re-stage the wedding and wear our formal attire so my mother could have some photos! Enjoy!