“People often have much of what they need to succeed within them: ambition and the will to learn. This will to learn can prompt them to reach out to mentors and networks. They just have to trust the process. After all, it’s often the most difficult or trying times that set the stage for the best opportunities.” –Eric Ruiz

What a summer it has been! Well, technically it is “winter time” here in Costa Rica, but I am not quite sure I will ever be able to accept that the Costa Rican definition of winter means a 5 degree difference in temperature and thunderstorms. To say that the past couple of months have been a roller coaster would about sum it up.

Let’s see:

Wait, what?! Let’s take a step back here. Yes, Señor Endless Summer no longer calls Tamarindo, Costa Rica home.

As I have been questioned numerous times the past couple of weeks, “So what are you going to do? Are you staying here?”

The answer to the second question: Yes, I am going to stay in Tamarindo.

As far as the answer to the first question: Y’all are just going to have to wait and see! Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee! Wapow!


Combine surfing, yoga and Jiu Jitsu and your kick out could look like this. WAPOW!

And if that was not a teaser enough, enjoy the photos from the past couple of weeks!

Pura Vida,