There is latin time and the phrase “mañana es otro día”, or it will get done “tomorrow”,and then there is a thing called “Tico Time” here in Costa Rica, which is even slower than latin time. I know, y’all must be thinking is this even possible?! In the US, if you had a list of things to-do in one day, let’s say you would feel great if 95% of those things got checked off. Here in Costa Rica, if you get even one of those things done in a day, then at least you are not AS frustrated.

If you judged my life by the photos that I share, then perhaps you might think that I have become well accustomed to Tico Time with all of these photos of me “goofing off”. It may appear so, but as a chica that never leaves home without one of her cameras, capturing those moments is as fast as me clicking the shutter. It is not my fault that the surfing paparazzi always seems to find me out in the waves too. Plus, I would like to think that a pretty sunset photo helps to brighten your day…or convinces you that you need to take a vacation (to Costa Rica)! Sí???


Sunset. Last. Night.


Paradise Found

View from my corner office rocking chair

View from my corner office rocking chair

Well, with all of my photo ops, I have been been a pretty busy chica these past couple of months. The only thing running on Tico Time for me is the internet, or lack there of. Anyone want to start a bonfire with me and burn the router?! Besides surfing of course, I have been creating new designs and making further edits to my cards, product testing some beautiful bikinis by Mi Ola, twitter-floppy blogging for Robert August, and successfully designed and sewed a kimono! Basically, I am planning on taking over the world, or at least Tamarindo, and bringing some beauty to this beach town!

Mi-Ola blonde mermaids

Mi-Ola blonde mermaids

Here is a sneak peak of some new card designs and a hecho a mano (handmade) kimono by yours truly….




Designed and handmade by Sirenas Surf

Ok, so I have been enjoying the waves and goofing off a bit here and there. But hey, that is what Pura Vida is all about. Enjoy some of the craziness…


Morning Sunshine

Morning stroll at Avellanas.

Morning stroll at Avellanas.


Some quality time with my boyfriend Ollie.


Ollie’s Point, two weeks ago.


When the waves are flat…


Pura Vida,