They say time flies when you are having fun. Or traveling all over the world. Back in October I completed my two week, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. A couple weeks later I left for Peru and Brazil for my brother’s wedding in November. I arrived back in Costa Rica only to turn around the next week on another road trip, and then the following week left for the US to spend the holidays with the family. Let’s just say I can’t wait to get back to Costa Rica and not be traveling every other week!

So with all this craziness I “forgot” to post about my trip to Brazil. I left y’all hanging with my adventures in Peru and then my post on new 6’2″ boyfriend. Ok, I did give you a sneak peak with pictures from my brother’s wedding, but that was it! (If you want more than the sneak peak, click here to go to my photography website.)


Brazil. How I love this country. A part of me comes alive the moment I step off the plane. It had been a little over 10 years since my last trip, and although so much had changed, it all still felt so familiar. A little background here, my father was born and raised in Brazil and my two older brothers were born in Rio de Janeiro. I unfortunately am the “gringa” of my siblings, or the only one with the chance of becoming a President of the United States. At least I carry a Brazilian passport and am a citizen!

I spent the majority of my whirlwind-of-a-week in Camburi, a small fishing-surf village 3 hours outside of Sao Paulo. Besides the wedding festivities, my parents and I explored the surrounding towns, hiked up a waterfall, and I was able to surf a couple of days. Then my mother decided she could fly, and two hours before my brother’s wedding, she fell down a flight of very steep stairs and shattered her forearm. The bad thing is that she broke her arm, was rushed back three hours to Sao Paulo for four hours of surgery, AND missed her son’s wedding. The good thing is that besides the fall, every aspect of this emergency situation could not have gone any better.

My mother received the best care possible in Brazil. From what we are told, her surgeon did an AMAZING job fixing her shattered arm. Even the stitches are barely noticeable…you have to love Brazilian doctors! On top of that, our dear friend Alexandre, held her hand through the whole process. My mother was checked out of the hospital the next day at 9AM and was able to fly home on her scheduled flight that Tuesday. We are counting our blessings.

Besides my brother’s beautiful wedding and the excitement from my mother’s fall, the rest of the trip was pretty tranquilo. Enjoy some pics!

Welcome to the beach!

Welcome to the beach!





The beautiful game