Tamarindo, Costa Rica Sunsets-

HOT. Caliente. 105+ degrees. If you had snow this past week in your neck of the woods (yes, I know, snow in April), I envy you. April is the hottest month here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and this past week the heat turned up a notch. Like, you can’t even step one foot outside without sweating HOT. Only a couple more weeks to go until the relief comes with the beginning of rainy season, but also the hottest coupe of weeks. Talking about raining season, this week Tamarindo was treated with a beautiful, rainy season-esque sunset. It just kept getting better and better! I couldn’t stoop oohing and ahhhing.

Sunset surf in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Ride into the sunset

Sunset in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Yea, last night was that good…sunset that is…

Surf in Tamarindo, Costa RIca