“Tamarindo: The second largest beach town in Costa Rica.”

Now that you know the best ways to travel to Costa Rica and how to get to Tamarindo, what is Tamarindo actually like??

Tamarindo is the second largest beach town in Costa Rica, but don’t let that statement lead you astray. In contrast to Jaco, the largest beach town in CR, Tamarindo is quite a bit smaller. Smaller as in there is one road in, and one road out of town. According to Wikipedia, Jaco is twice the size of Tamarindo in population.



However, there is plenty to do in Tamarindo, and the town certainly caters to a wide variety of tourists, from those that seek adventure to those that want to just relax, and the backpacker hostels to the luxury hotels and homes. Here are some of your basic questions answered:

Where should I stay?

Where should I eat?

What should I do?

What is the nightlife like?

What are the basic amenities in town?

  • Since Tamarindo is a tourist town, if you forgot to pack something or need assistance, there is most likely someone in town that can help. Tamarindo has:  American style supermarket (called Automercado) plus several other small food stores, Jaime Peligro bookstore, three pharmacies, several doctor’s, rental car agencies, hair salon, internet cafe, etc.

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