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Did the summer really fly by that fast? I feel like I was just saying “I can’t believe summer is finally here” yesterday. My summer certainly has been filled with awesome activities with great friends, but super busy (check out my post Hell-Raiser to Rock- Ette). With Labor Day this weekend technically summer “ends” on Monday. I can see how many people think that, with the kiddies going back to school and in some places the crisp air of fall is starting to butt its way into the days.

But, per my usual, I am refusing to accept and say goodbye to summer come Labor Day Monday. I guess this is one of the perks of having a full time job: I don’t have to go back to  school. Downside is that I don’t get that coveted summer break any more… Hence why I try to make the most of weekends in the summer and why I don’t mind being super busy on the weekend. Most importantly though, to me summer is a frame of mind. As long as the sun is out and the days are at least warm, I will be out and about enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.

And what happens when it get colds you may ask?? Well, that is when I start layering and my 3/2 wetsuit becomes my second skin.

OK, your second question may be what happens when it is too cold for my 3/2. Ha! That is when I  squeeze, jump, and wiggle my way into my 5/4 wetsuit and put on my booties.

And when it gets even colder?? Well, that is what the  gloves and hood are for. After all, I have been told that the best waves in NYC come in the winter!!

So here is to an Endless Summer!!

Oh, and just in case you think that I forgot about my Endless Summer List from my post “live in the sunshine…”, I am pleased to say that I have been able to tick off a lot of items off of my list. Check out my post to see the update!