Because it is a Friday afternoon here in Costa Rica…and about 5:30PM on the East Coast as I am typing this…I am going to keep this post short and sweet. Well, also because I am secretly plotting to take over the world and my brain has been on overload this week…y’all will keep my secret, right???

One of the things that I do EVERY day is write in my journal. I don’t even surf everyday, although a lot of y’all think I spend every moment of daylight in the water. Well, last night I realized that I have been in Costa Rica for exactly one year. I knew the “anniversary” was coming up, but I honestly had forgotten what the exact date was. Enter my handy-dandy journal.

So to celebrate my “costa-versary”, here is to another year of adventure of all the ups  AND downs; dawn patrols & glass offs, Samba to the Sea designs, giggling gaggle of girls, Endless Summer with RA and co., As the Cabina Turns, dancing with waves and twinkle stepping, and you know…who knows! Because that is what an adventure really is…

Pura Vida,