So what is up with the whole “Samba to the Sea” name?

As I was contemplating starting this “idea” of a blog, I was also trying to figure out a name that would reflect why I was blogging. As much as this blog that I wanted to create would be a great online journal for myself, I also wanted to convey my (quirky) thoughts for anyone out there that was having the same feelings. So back in June I was browsing in one of my favorite shops Anthropologie (not to be confused with Anthropology) with my friend Ashley. I was ready to leave so I walked over to Ashley in the home section. I saw her browsing several dish towels that were cute, but like any Anthro product, a tad pricy for what it was. Then I pretty much stumbled upon this dish towel:

And then it hit me. I looked at Ashley, who had heard many of my idea suggestions for a blog name, and said, “It’s perfect. This is what I am going to name my blog: Samba to the Sea.”

Ashley looked back at me, smiled and replied, “I think it suits you really well.”

A part of me wishes that I had come up with the name on my own, but sometimes you just need a little inspiration and voilà!

Ok, so why “Samba to the Sea”? Samba is a Brazilian dance and music genre. It is joyous and full of energy. Taken from a paper that I wrote back in college,

“Samba is neither just the music nor the dance itself, but a culmination of passion, sexuality, and an innate fervor from deep within. How does one describe something that comes from one’s inner soul and “alegria dentro do coração”? For someone that has never heard or been exposed to samba, it is similar to the feeling that a women gets when she find that perfect pair of shoes or pants that fit her body perfectly in every way possible. It is the feeling that you get when the guy or gal that you like feels the same way about you. However, these situations are only a fraction of what samba feels like. Samba runs through one’s body, innate in one’s blood, and one’s heart synchronizes with the beat. Essentially, samba makes one want to get up and dance like a menino (little kid), because samba is an elation felt throughout the whole body.”

Well, I am part Brazilian thanks to my Dad (I know tall, white, blonde gal has some Brasileira in her?!), hence the “samba”. Combine that with my love affair with the ocean and beach, and you are cooking. But “Samba to the Sea” means more to me than just the words, it is about following my heart and dreams, always remembering to live life to its fullest, and laughing/smiling while experiencing it all.

So enough with the blog meaning and on to the good part….photos from Costa Rica! I am a lucky and blessed girl to be in such a beautiful place. Tamarindo never disappoints on the sunsets and although the surf has been kinda small, I am fully enjoying being able to get in the water every day. Hello 5AM “Dawn Patrol” surf sessions (and consequently 9PM bedtimes)!!


Be sue to check out the blog that I am working on!

Pura Vida,


P.S. And although I dance a really pathetic samba, I can make a pretty mean feijão (Brazilian black beans and rice)!