Two weeks ago the only doggies that were on my radar were my doggy nieces and nephews, a la Maya, Pinto, Kiki, Pollo, John Adams, Niko, Lucas…the list goes on and on. Well, maybe I was secretly plotting on how to steal my neighbors adorable pit-boxer mix puppy, Vito, but when you live two doors down the robber becomes kind of obvious. “No, neighbor, I swear, this is Pete-0 not Vito!!”

So there I was, not-so-happily doing inventory when I got a message from my friend Ashley, who just so happened to be running an errand at the local vet. “This litle one is looking for a home.”


Fast forward an hour-and-a-half later and somehow Ashley and a doey-eyed Chihuahua convinced me that I needed a small dog replacement for my former dog pal, Lucas the Bichon. (Don’t worry, Lucas is doing great! He moved to Surf City, California.) I just could not stand to see this five month old Chihuahua stay in a cage, terrified out of her mind, another day. I decided to give it a try, and at the very least, provide a foster home for her. Worst came to worst, my brother’s Chihuahua Pollo could have a new girlfriend! Plus, how could I pass up not helping a dog that was named Brownie? Brownie as in MY nickname!


Apparently Brownie didn’t get the memo that she was on a trial basis. Although still a very scared puppy (thanks to the former family that had her), within 48 hours Brownie had adopted me.



To say the least, I was an overwhelmed new dog-momma. Thank goodness that this smart girl learned to do her business outside and a big shout-out to my awesome dog-owning friends. Day-by-day this sweet puppy comes more and more out of her shell and I can’t wait to see how terrible she really is as a puppy.


Gidget goes to the beach (for the first time). You really should click this


So here is a “Bienvenidos!” to Gidget! (I had to change her name…it was just weird calling out my nickname all the time) Wish me luck!

Gidget goes to Witch's Rock with Robert August.

Gidget goes to Witch’s Rock with Robert August.

Pura Vida,