Someone has a serious case of writer’s block and that someone may just be me. Almost two weeks and I got nada brainstorming up there in my noggin. ZERO. I blame waves and then the lack there of waves. You see, a couple days after my last post, a fun  swell appeared just in time to paddle off the Thanksgiving feast. Three days straight of surfing and my brain was on a wave high. Only to be followed by the crash…

Here in Tamarindo, we are on day seven of pretty much no surf. The best place to surf is during high tide at Pico with about 30 of your closest friends. It is more like playing Frogger and less like actually surfing.

I know, poor me. Stuck in tropical paradise without a halfway decent wave in sight. This is what is called torture for a surfer.


But enough with the complaining. Now that my brain is starting to recalibrate, I actually had an idea thanks to the lack there of surf…what is there to do in a beach town if you don’t surf (or the waves go flat)? I actually get this question quite a bit from my friends and friends-of-friends that are considering a trip to Costa Rica.

  1. Enjoy the beach. Costa Rica is blessed with beautiful and pristine beaches. Go swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, turtle egg laying/hatching or snorkeling. One of my favorite spots is Playa Avellana, heaven for surfers and non-surfers with beautiful waves and delicious beach front restaurant, Lola’s.
  2. Enjoy the oceanAlthough I don’t know the first thing about fishing besides it involves a hook and a line, the fishing here in Costa Rica great. Plus, seeing the Costa Rican coastline from the ocean will mesmerize you with her beauty even more.
  3. Visit the volcanos and mountains. When the waves go flat, you don’t have to worry about missing anything by taking a trip away from the beach. Zip-lining tours, coffee plantations, waterfalls, the list goes on…
  4. Catch up on the to-do list from those days spent surfing. (I had some serious research and development to do during all those board meetings…)
  5. Pray for waves.Go With the Waves

Pura Vida,