Self Portrait

Two years ago I made a New Year’s resolution: learn how to surf. Unfortunately, I had to wait five months in order to start working on my resolution. On a grey, drizzly day I hopped on the A train to Rockaway and had my first lesson. It was love at first wipeout.

Looking back, I wonder if deep down I knew how surfing was going to help change my life. I could have decided to postpone my first lesson for a nicer day (per my mother’s recommendation), but I remember telling her, “Well, what if I really like it and want to take more lessons? The summer goes by so fast; if I wait, I will not be able to take the lesson until a couple weeks from now because I have plans the next couple weekends.”

You know how postponing goes…once you delay something, it makes it easier to push it off again. Hence why a lot of New Year’s resolutions are never accomplished.

The End!

Well, the past couple of weeks I have been thinking what my 2013 resolution should be. At first, thinking of a new resolution was a tad challenging because my 2011 surfing resolution turned out to be such an influential decision in my life. Then I decided to screw the contemplative thought process and “what ifs”. So here goes….

For 2013, I have resolved to commit to a healthier body. Overall, I have a clean bill of health; I surf everyday and 90% of the time I eat healthy food. But, I have decided to challenge and push myself to the next level. What does this mean? Running at least once or twice a week. Doing consistent core work. Being more aware of what I eat. And spending a little less time on my computer and iPhone.

AND if that were not enough, I resolve to really learn Photoshop and seriously brush up on my Portuguese. If I am going to Brazil for my brother’s wedding (poor Luciana, she said yes!), I better start practicing!!

Pretty Bird

I promise I will keep y’all updated on my progress, setbacks, etc.

Ok, now what are your resolutions? Come on, you didn’t think that I was going to let you off the hook!


Pura Vida,


P.S . My second resolution is to share with y’all my GoPro footage as soon as I get it out in the water, wipeouts and all! Thanks Santa!!

All I want for Christmas...