Almost two years ago I was persuaded by my former roomie to attend a yoga class with her.  I was doubtful that I was going to like it and I even went to the gym that morning before my first class to get my workout in. Gosh, I had not even been to class yet and I was judging. I certainly was not that type of person that chanted and said things like Om. How bad could it be though? My reasons for going were simple: A) I like to stretch, and B) if my roomie, a former collegiate athlete like me and definitely not the the flexible type, had been goin to class dilligently I guess she was on to something that I was not.

Well, you know what they say when one simple decision snowballs and influences the direction of your life? OK, this may be a little too far out for some of y’all, but I definitely think everything happens for a reason (whether or not I am happy about that event at that moment of occurrence…seriously, another ding in my surfboard?!). Without a doubt, yoga has helped open my mind and led me down a path of self exploration. My teacher Ariel mentioned at the end of class last night that the yoga practice helps to untangle the mind, to open the physical and the mental, which helps us with transition. And as I type, my life is in transition as I am moving out of NYC week (Wait, what??!! I promise, more to come, so keep your pants on). But seriously, how do my teachers always know what to say at the right moment??

So as I was on my hour long jaunt back to Rockaway last night after yet another beautiful yoga class, I was reflecting how the past three years has been one hell of a roller coaster ride that has led me to this transition. Yoga has been a major part of that beautiful, but sometimes tumultuous ride, and I just have to say thank you to this beautiful practice (and my former roomie that successfully  persuaded me to go to a class). I am deeply and eternally grateful for not only yoga and the practice, but all of my teachers and friends that I have been blessed to practice next to.

Thank you Colleen and YogaFlow NYC for welcoming me with open arms into this practice and being my first home.

Thank you SonicYoga for being my second home, fostering a great yogi community, and phenomenal teachers.  Ariel and Dan: my Tuesday and Friday evenings are not going to be the same!!

So to all the doubters and judgers out there (on yoga or anything else in life), don’t be afraid to try something once, maybe twice. It is like our mother told us when we were kids, “How do you know you are not going to like it until you try it??” You know mom was always right…

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The divine light within me salutes the divine light within you aka Namaste.