World's Best Mother

Let’s face it, we all have “The World’s Greatest Mom”. But I am about to reveal to you why MY Mom is better than YOUR Mom.

  1. She can beat your Dad at tennis…or golf.
  2. No matter how many times I explain or write down instructions on how to work the remote, she still calls me to help troubleshoot. But really, she just wants to chat with me.
  3. You would not know hold old she really is by looking at her. I sure hope I have that gene…
  4. Did I mention that she can cook? I don’t think I have ever eaten a bad meal at home.
  5. Back in my basketball glory days, she used to rebound for me while I took 500-1,000 shots. EVERY DAY. Damn that’s love.
  6. No matter how many crazy things I have done in my life, like quitting my corporate job and moving to Costa Rica, she still loves me, but still makes sure to voice her concern.
  7. She is a great cuddler.
  8. Car freezing cold in the middle of winter? My mom used to go outside and turn on my car before I left for school in the morning. Maybe I was a tad bit spoiled…
  9. She started and runs her own business. AND raised three kids while doing so!
  10. Can your Mom fly? Mine can! Down a flight of stairs at her son’s wedding!

Ok, your Mom is pretty awesome too! All of our Mom’s are the best because they had to (and still d0) put up with their crazy children!

So, in conclusion, my Mom is not really better than your Mom, but she is my “World’s Greatest Mom”. And to all the Mother’s out there that have been surrogate Mom’s to me, you are all awesome and the best!

Happy Mother’s Day!



World's Best Mother World's Best Mother World's Best Mother World's Best Mother