What a treat! I am making up for going silent for 12 days and dropping another note and posting some cool photos…

Well, since it is also Thanksgiving in the good ole USA, I thought I would do a post on what I am thankful for. So here goes….

  • My family, for supporting me through all my crazy ideas. And just being awesome.
  • My friends who thought that quitting my job was the best idea I ever had.
  • For the people that told me that I couldn’t do something or were just not nice. You make me work harder and remind me that being happy is always better than being mean.
  • You guys!! Thanks for reading!
  • My body, my temple.
  • Yoga and surfing: what a ride you are taking me on. Namaste and shaka.

Ok, now I need to go surf my Thanksgiving away! Gobble Gobble y’all! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving Costa Rica style