Some people have vivid memories of when they found out or were told that Santa was not responsible for all of those presents. Being the youngest child, I guess my parents figured that I would find out from my older siblings without having to actually tell me. But no one actually ever told me,”Santa is not _____.” (I will leave it to you to fill in the blank.)

Consequently, I fortunately get to still believe that “Santa is fat.” Lucky me! Being a believer, I guess I better hop-to-it and write my letter to Santa…

Dear Santa,

Living in Costa Rica sometimes is tough. The saltwater and sun does havoc on my hair, I get chilly from the offshore wind, and my eyes are so dry. I know you probably already know what is on my Christmas list, but just in case here are some suggestions to help me survive in tropical paradise (in addition to the gems I already have discovered):

Pura Vida,