avellanas love

Dear Costa Rica,

I am without words but so full of emotion. I woke up this morning full of sorrow. When it usually is sunny and not a cloud in the sky, it was cloudy, windy and gloomy. How do you read my emotions so well? I am sitting in the airport and am tearing up. Three weeks away from you …your beautiful waves, breathtaking sunsets and pura vida…sounds so far away.¬†Your magical spell is fogging my excitement to see my family and celebrate the holidays with them. Yep, there goes a tear.

Sincerely, thank you for an amazing last couple of days filled with beautiful sunset sessions…you sure know how to entice a gal to stay a couple days longer than planned. Please save a swell or two until I get back…waves for my birthday would be a perfect gift. I beg you not to show off too much at sunset either. Who else is going to capture and share your beauty?


Pura Vida mae,
La Sirena