With the time ticking down for the year 2013 I thought I would help the year end with a “bang” of my top ten 2013 moments. A special thanks to my “One Line A Day” journal, Facebook, and Instagram for helping to remind this blonde surf chica of some of those amazing moments.

(in no specific order…because if I had to decide 2014 would already be here)

  1. Life is like a wave; a wave only breaks once and you only live once.” -entry from January 21
  2. Ollie’s x 6: Perfection and Pure Perfection
  3. What a day…lost the only copy of the car key in the ocean…duohhh!” – entry from June 9
  4. Sunsets, sunsets, and more sunsets
  5. Magical boat ride back from Ollie’s surrounded by a pod of dolphins
  6. AMAZING day in the office…got barreled twice today at Avellana’s! Just when you think it is going to be and OK day! Beautiful turquoise water and offshore…” – entry from May 7
  7. Celebrating with family and friends
  8. Spreading the beauty of Mother Nature, one post/notecard at a time
  9. I have heard that sometimes your first time is not that good. Mine was amazing…Waimea rocked my world!“-entry from August 14 20130816-130356.jpg
  10. All Ashore: sea turtles laying eggs at Playa Ostional

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Pura Vida,