Color. We live in a world of vibrant color. Our eyes and brain are the amazing processors of breathtaking sunsets and turquoise water.  Interesting enough, color photography has only been available to the popular market for a little over half a decade. The advances in the technology of cameras and post processing is amazing; Say hello to high definition images.

However, I still have a penchant for black and white images, which stems from my photography courses growing up. The first black and white photograph that I made in the dark room ago was powerful. It was magical to see all my hard work come alive before my eyes. Sure, color photography was readily available, but I was the artist and my negatives were my canvases. You see, a black and white image is not just black and white. There are tones, shadows, texture, etc. Two simple “colors” can be quite powerful.

Although I no longer have a dark room at my disposal, I am elated when I have an image that I can process in black and white in Photoshop. Sans chemicals, I can strip down the color and bring the image to life. Thanks to my friend Cheri at Secondhand Surfer, I was nominated to a Black and White challenge for five days a little over a month ago. Since I was traveling, I had to rely on my iPhone software for post processing, but that made it even more of a challenge.

Black and White Challenge:






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Pura Vida,