72 hours. 3 days in Costa Rica. Can it be done? Well, of course it can be done, but can it be done right???

Enter Jen and Colin. Jen and I grew up as enemies. As in basketball enemies; she played on a rival basketball team. Then we ended up attending the same university for a bit and so started our friendship. Fast forward several years later, Jen contacted me a couple weeks ago about visiting Costa Rica.

The challenge: could Jen and her boyfriend Colin truly get a flavor of Costa Rica in the short time span they had to get away from FREEZING cold New York City? I told Jen that if they wanted to visit the area where I reside (Tamarindo), I would have them covered. Challenge accepted.

So what to do, what to do in 72 hours?

  1. Surf Tamarindo: (Ok, so this itinerary needs more than 3 days as Colin ended up flying down to Costa Rica two days before Jen to get his feet wet surfing.) Tamarindo is a great place to learn how to surf, especially when you have a pretty awesome surf instructor named Eric. Bonus is chowing down at Green Papaya for dinner and a friendly mini-golf session.11002633_10100183797006297_2150791499851495266_n
  2. Rincon de la Vieja day trip: For $95 a person, you can hop on a tour that departs directly from Tamarindo at 6:30AM and head up to one of Costa Rica’s volcanoes. Included in the tour is entrance to the national park, a hike near an active volcano (on the way lesson on local wildlife, rainforest and sulfur springs), a delicious lunch, an invigorating waterfall leap into a lagoon, all topped off by mud bath and natural hot springs.11039951_10101961402365731_890068950_n 11056662_10101961402360741_79101260_n
  3. Monteverde: After spending two nights in Tamarindo, Jen and Colin headed up to Monteverde, the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest. Although the drive is windy and bumpy, Jen said, “It was absolutly incredible!!! Worth the drive and dirt roads. A truly unique and breathtaking part of CR!” There is something for everyone depending on your interest in birds, botany or zip lines. While in Monteverde the couple did a chilling night hike where they crossed paths with a viper snake, tarantula, fascinating “ant highway” and more. If they had more time, they would have toured a coffee plantation too, but they decided to take it easy on their last day.11017130_10100182938771207_9133546313374119536_n 11042196_10101961402375711_61849040_n

Till next time mis amigos!!!!

Pura Vida,


**All photos courtesy of Jen and Colin.