Did you know that over 100 billion emails are sent and received each day? BILLION.

In comparison, the United States Postal Service (USPS) processes and delivers 518.2 million per day. Ok, this may be an apples to oranges comparison given the e-mail statistic is worldwide and the mail is United States. To put it in simpler terms, I probably send 20-30 emails per day and mail only a handful of postcards per month. Yes, you read that correctly; I AM a postcard designer and my snail mail habits are subpar. Slap me now!

The Letter Writing Campaign via Sarah Schwartz at The Paper Chronicles Samba to the Sea #write_on

BUT that is about to change thanks to a little challenge that I have accepted thanks to Sarah Schwartz (@ms_sarah_schwartz) at The Paper Chronicles via The Letter Writing Campaign. Say what? For 3o days STRAIGHT, I will be writing and snail mailing some love with my #write_on kit compliments of EggPress, Hello!Lucky, and Sakura of America.

On top of that, I am paying it forward with Samba to the Sea Designs. The Paper Chronicles will be receiving some sunshine from Costa Rica oh-so-soon with a Samba to the Sea Designs card pack to help keep The Letter Writing Campaign going. AND the winner from the “Pretty As A Postcard” Ramblist giveaway will also have a a pretty awesome Samba to the Sea Designs postcard, card, and mini card pack to snail mail some love.

Who wants some love in their mailbox? Leave a comment below if you want some snail mail by yours truly and I will be in touch! AND, if this post is not inspiring you to jot down a note of your own, check out my post “5 Reasons to Snail Mail a Card“.

#VivaElSnailMail !!!!