Surfing Ollie’s Point, Costa Rica –

For my dirty-thirty, all I wanted was a date with my old fling, Ollie, and this awesome crew helped me ring in a new decade. Although Ollie played hard to get this morning, the wave machine turned on just as the last boat packed up and left to head to Witch’s. We had the whole place to ourselves, hooting and hollering, with bombing sets, amazing Ollie’s rides, and some pretty good wipeouts. I finished the day, last one in the water and the whole place to myself, with two beautiful back-to-back rides to say adieu to my lover Ollie. Life is good.

(For those non-surfers out there, Ollie’s Point is a dream surf break that can produce waveafter-beautiful wave for awaiting and eager surfers. Although this break is located within a national park in Costa Rica and only accessible by boat, this break can get pretty crowded when the forecasts call for waves – crowded as in 30+ people trying to catch waves on one take off spot. For more information, check out my blog post Surfing Potrero Grande.)

surfing Ollie's Point Costa Rica

The six of us had Ollie’s Point all to ourselves for HOURS! What good deed did I do to deserve this?!

Thank you all for sending me some birthday love with your calls, messages, emails, and Facebook posts – 30 so far feels pretty great!

AND, only one sunset photo from this past week! I was too busy surfing beautiful waves during my birthday week! Because you only ring in a new decade once every ten years… .

sunset in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Found me a new sunset viewing spot!