Tamarindo, Costa Rica –

Sometimes you need to get your heart thumping. As in 12 foot waves coming screaming at you as you are scrambling to paddle over the top or duck dive underneath the whitewater. And then your leash to your surfboard releases from your ankle as you are trying to get under all that whitewater, you going in one direction and the surfboard in another. HEART REALLY RACING.  Then you catch a bomb of a wave and paddle out for more of that adrenaline rush. Welcome to Playa Camaronal, Costa Rica – and the reason why the usual Friday sunset post is a TGIW (thank goodness it’s the weekend) Saturday post. AND Good thing the rest of my week was pretty laid back, chasing sunsets and loggin in the Rivermouth in Tamarindo, Costa Rica!


Playa Camaronal, Costa Rica