Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica –

What would you do if you could go back and take the road less travelled?

Back in the early Summer of 1969, fresh off a degree from the University of Pittsburgh, my mother stepped on her first flight as a Pan America Airways stewardess. Sure, my mom could have entered the corporate world upon her graduation, but my grandfather had influenced her to pursue a different route. As a result, she travelled all over the world, from flying on the first 747 flight from New York to Paris and visiting now-war torn places such as Beirut. It was the Golden Age of flying and my mother’s stories are oh-so-amazing.

PanAm Stewardesses

Pan Am reunion in Savannah, GA. My mother is the one in the center with the PanAm bowler bag – and she still fits in her uniform!!!

Flash forward about 40 years later, and off I went on my own adventure. I packed up my New York City apartment, left my corporate job, and hopped on a plane to Costa Rica. Little did my mother know, the love for travel, culture, and new experiences that she had exposed me to ever since my first birthday runs deep through my veins.  Sounds a little like mother, like daughter, right???

Enjoy the sunsets from this past week!


Dance to the song of the Sea