Tamarindo, Costa Rica –

Sucker punched. Computer down one week, Kristen down the next. My beloved Mac came back from the tech guru gods working like it’s former self on Monday and the NEXT DAY I caught a not-so-nice 24 hour flu! Seriously?! As one of my friends said this week, “Is Mercury is retrograde???” Some weird things were going on and hopefully it is over!


Two of my favorite things – Sunsets and waves

In the midst of all of this, I managed to drag myself out of bed and do two photoshoots this week. Seriously, thank you to my friends for bringing me crackers and medicine to get me through this week! And what better way to kick the final flu remnants out of my body than an unplanned, acoustic music night performed by some very talented musician friends, followed by a dance party until 2AM? Don’t worry, I drank water the whole night!


Walking on the clouds

Enjoy the sunsets from the past week – because next week I will be in the good ole USA! Happy Holidays!

TGIF – a day late!