Spring Break. Unlike the college craziness that descends upon Cancun, South Beach, or Punta Cana each year, Tamarindo is a great Spring Break getaway for families. Enter the Stinebaugh family. Hailing from the Dallas area in Texas, I had a great time shooting this vivacious family. There were no short of laughs during this shoot! Especially during Stone’s playboy-esque model pose; At least I got him to give me a quite charming smile! AND major props to Lexie for her backflip talents! Click here to go to the Samba to the Sea Photography blog to see more!

AND MUY IMPORTANTE (very important) Samba to the Sea is in the midst of a makeover! Last week Samba to the Sea was moved from WordPress.com to WordPress.org and to a new self hosting server. SO, that means that there will be some hiccups in the next couple of weeks, much to my dismay. BUT, I am super excited about what I have up my sleeve.

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Click here to go to the Samba to the Sea Photography blog