Boat Trip to Nosara

Sidelined. Benched. Timeout.

If there is one quality that I don’t possess when it comes to injuries, it is patience. Last Friday I got hit by someone else’s surfboard fin and as a result I got a nice gash on my forearm. Hello to 5 stitches. Hey, it happens…battle scars build character, right?? Plus, it could have been a lot worse…

So I am out of the water for at least the next couple of days and I am already going stir crazy. As a result I am now regulated as the official surf photographer of my surf crew. Lucky them…

My Happy Place
I also guess this means I have more time to run (I flew down the beach this morning, so much pent up energy) as well as to start getting creative with my yoga (no putting pressure on the forearm).

Hopefully I heal quickly and am back in the water in no time…and I hope that the swell that is headed towards Tama holds off! So cross your fingers for me and send me some good energy for a speedy recovery!!

And if worse comes to worse, at least I will be sidelined being able to take pictures of my friends riding beautiful waves…

Enjoy the pictures from the past week!


Pura Vida,