Remember going on vacation, and your only way of communication back home was a long-distance phone call or a postcard that would take a week to arrive at its destination? Where you could leave your work on your desk; no internet and (gasp), no WIFI! AND you actually conversed with strangers over a meal because the tiny little distraction known as the smartphone was not-so-smart yet?

Yeah, yeah, the good ole days!


Well, lucky you! I am teaming up with one of my favorite travel blogs Ramblist and giving away a  notecard + postcard + and mini card gift pack of Samba to the Sea Designs in honor of National Letter Writing Month and World Stationery Day on April 29th. So now you have NO EXCUSE not to send a handwritten note to your mother for Mother’s Day (May 10th).

Wander over to for details on how to enter. Deadline to enter is May 29th. You know you wanna…

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