Samba. It is neither just the music nor the dance itself, but a culmination of passion, sexuality, and an innate fervor from deep within. Samba is one’s true self. Since packing up my NYC apartment and leaving my corporate job, I have been following my heart and cultivating my passions.

The first passion was simple: move to Costa Rica and surf. Well, the surfing part has been a work in progress. The second passion, my postcards, has been an evolution. Aptly named Samba to the Sea Designs, the cards have been through countless design revisions and as a result they are 100% customized by yours truly. I would not have it any other way.

What started with nine designs has grown to over forty. Those forty-something designs have resulted in over 4,000 cards sold in just one year. But for me, more important than the number, are the pictures I get from the travels of my cards. Samba to the Sea has gone to New Zealand, Germany, United States, Canada, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Ireland…and those are the countries that I know about. My photographs are now also printed on beautiful accent pillows by another one of my passions, The Beach Bazaar, AND on my new surfboard.

Talk about spreading the beauty of Mother Nature one (recycled) postcard at a time! SO if any of you have a Samba to the Sea Designs card I would be stoked to see a picture of it in its new home.

Pura Vida,