My therapist is the ocean and her office is located wherever waves break . Instead of a sofa, my surfboard is my vehicle for communication. As soon as I make that first drop down the face of the wave, my heart pours out; I shed my skin and I am at peace.


She heals me, but also gives me a good slap in the face when I need it. There is nothing like a good wipeout, especially when you pop-up out of the white water laughing your butt off. In fact, I am a known squealer out in the water.

dances with waves

I enjoy my therapy sessions so much that I forget that the majority of the time I am in group therapy. (It’s a tough life for us poor surfers; we can’t afford private sessions 99% of the time.) The plus side to group therapy is that it has taught me to fend for myself, but apparently it has turned me into a honey badger.  Guess I have to go work on that with more saltwater therapy.


The downside to therapy is just when you think you have worked it out, it comes back and smacks you upside the head.   The plus side is I get to have another appointment with my therapist, because if I had the choice I still would have worn my heart on my sleeve.


So see you bright and early for some saltwater therapy.

Pura Vida,