Hola Amigos!

So my ping-ponging has landed me in beautiful Tamarindo, Costa Rica! My first two days here was filled with downpouring rain, but it seems that rainy season has said “Adios” as the past four days have been filled with sunshine. (I hope I am not jinxing it as rainy season “ends” come November…t-minus 2 days)

So why Costa Rica? Well, if y’all have been reading my posts (tap, tap, is this thing on?….you are reading them, right?), last year I booked a trip to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp here in Tamarindo that pretty much set my on a different life path. After a lot of thought, thanks to a good amount of time spent sitting on my surfboard waiting for the next wave set to roll through and all those down dogs in yoga, I made a life change and left my job in September. Since then, as I like to say, I have been floating like a butterfly and I have landed back in beautiful Costa Rica. I know, three sentences later I still have not gotten to why I am here…

Well, thanks to my decision to initially come down to Costa Rica last October, I have been fortunate to meet some pretty awesome people. One of these friends happens to be the phenomenal surfboard shaper, Robert August, who resides in Tamarindo. Since leaving my job in September, I have been helping Robert with some business projects. So definitely stay tuned for more to come!

And I know you guys initially thought that I was down in CR to surf…such little faith y’all have in me!

Last, but certainly not least, all my northeast loves, stay safe with Hurricane Sandy aka Frankestorm! Sending sunshine from Tamarindo!

Pura Vida,