Decisions, decisions.

Back in August when I was researching fares for my brother’s wedding in Brazil, I had two options. A) Connect through Atlanta, or B) Connect through Lima, Peru. If I had to stop in Peru, why not force a longer layover? I typed in an earlier departure date and bada-bing, bada-boom the airfare was only $60 more to layover in Lima for four days. With my penchant for travel, I grabbed my credit card and booked the flight.


Adios Pura-Vida-land



Now, what to do in Peru? Visit Cusco and Machu Pichhu or fly up North and surf Chicama, one of the world’s longest lefts? Well, my quick purchasing decision made either trip rather difficult. Peru is a rather larger country, so traveling to either of those destinations would take up the majority of my time in Peru. So Lima it was for four days. I booked my lodging via AirBnB and then did practically no research until the day of my trip.

What?! I know, I know Ms. I-like-to-plan left it to the last minute. Good thing I had all day in the San Jose airport to read up on Lima! So let’s get to the good part…how was Lima? Two words: food and surfing.




Will travel for food: Since I like to eat my way through every country I visit (picture dulce de leche from Argentina and bratwurst in Switzerland), Lima was no exception. To top it off, Lima is a gastronomic capital of the world. Every meal I had was delicious, not to mention affordable. Ceviche and Pisco Sour at La Mar bill was $20. Polla a la brasa and a beer was $10! The bread and cappuccinos from Pan de la Chola!! Camote (sweet potato) fries from La Lucha. AND Havanna alfajores…yes THE Argentinian alfajor. I may or may not have purchased 6 boxes of these delights…


Surf’s Up: I did not plan to surf in Peru, but luckily enough I was guided by my brother’s friend’s sister who is a beautiful longboarder. Funny how surfing connects people around the world! Mari took me to Puerto Viejo, about an hour South of Lima, one day and the next we surfed right in Lima at Redondo. I had a lot of fun making new friends…and not so much surfing in chilly water. Thank goodness for my 2mm spring suit. From what I have read and heard, Peru is bountiful in waves. One of the best parts is that the wind is never really an issue…you can surf pretty much all day and not worry about the wind switching on you and ruining the conditions.



So what other touristy things did I do? I visited the San Franciscan Monastery, Mercado de Indios, and was guided in the fabric district of Gamarra by Mari. I can’t wait for you to see the rashies that The Beach Bazaar has coming up!


Lycra heaven

A very special thanks to Mari for being my Peruvian surf guide and my amigas back in Pura Vida land for taking care of my monsters.


“Mom?! They told me mom talks through this.”



Handful of a kitten


Pura Vida,