So in the span of one week, I have travelled I-95 from New Jersey all the way down to Florida. Wait, Florida?! I know, you guys thought I was in Georgia. Well, in the midst of all the unpacking and sorting out all of my belongings that I had shipped from my NYC apartment, I opted to repack some of the clothes that I had jut put away in the closet and jaunted down to Miami for a long weekend.

Quick side note: Gosh, if I thought it was hot in Georgia at the end of September, then it is a heat-wave summer in Miami! They say that your blood thins when you live in the South and if you move up north winters are tough. Well, let me tell you that although summer in NYC was pretty hot and humid this year, apparently my blood has thickened because the humidity down south is insane!! (Ok, I know that I should not be complaining about it being sunny and warm while parts of the USA are starting to see snow!)

Well, in true ping pong travel style, I figured since I travelled the good majority of the east coast in less than a week, I thought why not travel a chunk of the west coast? First stop is San Diego, then onward to Huntington Beach and finally San Francisco. Hint Hint: today’s words of wisdom is not to pull a blonde move and think your flight to San Diego is the day after next when it really is tomorrow! Good thing I actually checked my email…or maybe I should have actually paid attention and remembered the day I booked the flight for. All I can say is that I can’t wait to have my brain back and not have 1,000 things running through it. Pack, unpack, repack, unpack….

Ok, ok I know your next question is what am I doing about a new job? Seriously guys, patience is a virtue!

In the meantime, how about enjoying the pics from the oh-so-addictng Instgram and iPhone camera. And I apologize in advance for the lack of photos…tailgating and new iPhones without a case never go well together.

Go ‘Canes!!