The last time I spent a week in Costa Rica was the last time I came here on vacation over two years ago. I came back to Pura Vida land last Tuesday and Friday I leave to head back to the US for a week to “chaperone” Señor Endless Summer, Robert August, and El Wing-a-nut-o on the East Coast. Let’s just say with those two, there never is a dull moment….

So why fly ALL the way back to Costa Rica instead of stay in the US for another ten days?!?! Because after hopping up and down the East Coast, from NYC-Savannah-Montauk-NYC for over two weeks, I was ready to go HOME, even if for a hot minute. Because I wanted to dance with waves in my playground, chase sunsets, and frolic with a cotton-ball bichon frise name Lucas. Oh, and get some work done too.

Because here at home, life is about finding yourself in those priceless moments.


I would have been upset had I missed this cracker of a sunset…


…and most likely would have been in a cranky mood had I missed out on these perfect peelers…


…AND besides myself had I not found myself in this moment to capture an Endless Summer throwback picture of Robert August, his daughter Christine, and Wingnut.


Filling myself up on some Lola’s Lovin


Life is all about the moments…like this father-son sunset dip.


Chaser of sunsets

Pura Vida,


P.S. AND I could not miss a very special Kiwi’s birthday that just so happens to be on Wednesday!!!