Every fours years for a month the world tunes into the World Cup. Our schedules are moved around so that we can watch our country play. If you are stuck at work, hopefully there is a TV nearby to root your team on…or better yet an extended “lunch-hour” at 10AM in the morning.

Four years ago, these lunch hours and TVs playing in conference rooms on the thirty-something-th floor in New York City were my saviors to root on my team, Brazil. Four years later, I am planning my surf session around World Cup games and additionally rooting for my adopted country, Costa Rica. I wish I could be in Brazil for the World Cup craziness and cheer on Brazil, but at least I get to watch and celebrate with some very passionate Costa Ricans.



As in Costa Rica advanced to the second round in the World Cup over two-and-a-half hours ago with their win over Italy and the horns are still blazing and people are still singing in the streets.

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Pura Vida,