Kick Ass Sunset Photos

Sunsets. They all are not created equal. Yes, they all are beautiful, but some are just out-of-this-world, breathtakingly beautiful. Living in Costa Rica, I have witnessed countless magical sunsets here in Tamarindo. These beauties influenced me to start designing and selling a line of postcards called Samba to the Sea Designs featuring my sunset photos. With over thirty-something designs and over 6,000 cards sold, I am going to divulge some sunset knowledge:

Samba to the Sea’s tips to taking a kick-ass sunset photo.


  • Never miss a sunset. Ever.

    You never know when Mother Nature is going to put on a show. AND if ::uge from Aquabumps can wake up before the suns comes up to capture the beautiful sunrises of Bondi Beach, Australia, you can take a moment out of your day to watch the sun say buenas noches.


  • Know your surroundings.

    A picture of sunset is always pretty, but capturing a moment will make your photo extra special. Think dog’s playing on the beach, a strolling bike rider, a palm tree, or a passing surfer.Wild At Heart sunset in Tamarindo


  • Don’t underestimate the power of reflections.

    Low tide = nature’s mirror.Kissed by the sun sunset in Tamarindo


  • Observe the cloud cover.

    Here in Tamarindo, there is not a cloud in the sky 99% of the time from December-April due to dry season. Therefore, the best sunset pictures usually will happen as the big yellow ball known as the sun is setting. However, if there are clouds in the sky, look at tip #5. Sunset in Tamarindo March 30 2015


  • Have patience.

    I see a lot of people take photos right as the sun is setting and then leave the beach soon after. If there is not a lot of cloud cover, go ahead and grab a happy hour beer. HOWEVER, if there are clouds in the sky, the magic usually happens after the sun has set! If you are lucky, you may get a cracker!









    Taste the Sea Notecard

    The winner: Taste the Sea



  • Stop using the flash on your camera!!!

    If you want to capture the beauty of the sunset, turn off that flash! Using the flash will kill your sunset photo. I promise. Unless you want to take a sunset selfie and have your followers see your beautiful face, then turn the flash back on.

Over to You!:

Do you have any travel tips on taking a kick-ass sunset photo? Leave a comment below and share the knowledge!