Somewhere thousands of miles away it is snowing and someone is bundling up to face the cold weather. I know because Facebook told me so. It also has informed me that my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is days away. Hard to believe when the leaves outside are still on the trees and the air temperature is hot and hotter.

None the less, it is a opportune time to give thanks. 110% I am thankful for my loving family, awesome friends and good health, but this year I want to give a special shout-out. A shout-out to Mother Nature because she is just so darn amazing:

…to her breath-taking, awe -inspiring sunsets…

endlesss summer tamarindo

…to her rainbows, full rainbows, double rainbows, rainbows coming straight down from the sky, rainbow sprays coming off the back of waves, and hard to believe, more rainbows…

double rainbow

…golden, sparkling and glistening waves…

Go With the Waves

…and to her glorious creatures…

horse dog's life

Bad Day

Dog's Life

Hang 10 Iguana



Pura Vida,