Costa Rica Magic

Costa Rica mesmerized me again with her charming and magical ways. Between my day job of social media for Robert August, my new side project of beautiful Costa Rica postcards, board meetings, sunset research and development observing, and Costa Rica’s trance, I have kept pushing down blogging further and further down my list. Well, a couple of weeks ago I travelled to the US for two of my close college friends’ weddings. Apparently, I am “of the age” that everyone around me is getting married! Lucky me, the joke in my family is that my youngest female cousin, who is 10 years my junior, will get married before my other female cousin and myself. Anyone want to place a bet?!?!

Fortunate for my travel itineary, my friends’ weddings were back-to-back (no, they did not plan it this way), so I was able to hop from Boston to Long Island and not be away from my warm waves for too long. The week in between, I was able to stir up some mischief with one of the bride-to-bes and shoot a secret boudoir photo session for her lucky fiance. To say the least, she totally rocked it…but unfortunately my memory card is locked and password protected from sharing those photos with y’all! However, I am super excited to share the beautiful photos of Ms. Laura Elfers getting hitched to Mr. Dan Auciello…

Laura and Dan were set up to meet by a mutual friend and they hit it off right away. Dan, a tugboat captain, went back to work for four weeks shortly after their first date. I remember Laura telling me about Dan soon after meeting him and telling me he was different. Well, when Dan returned four weeks later, they made it official. It was hard at first because Dan would leave to work for four weeks and then be home for two, but they made it work.

They soon discovered their love for boats, rooting for Chelsea soccer, brewing beer, and watching Dexter together. Most of all, they discovered their unconditional love for each other. After about two-and-a -half years, Dan proposed…where else, on his boat! Just under a year later later, they got married. Surrounded by family and friends, their wedding was filled with joy, love, and some pretty awesome dance moves!

Here is to Dan and Laura!

Pura Vida,