Kick Ass Sunset Photos-2

Not too long ago I worked on the 24th floor at a large bank in New York City. If I peered over my cubicle wall I had a pretty awesome view of the Hudson River, but that view was oh-so-torturous. Every time I looked up it reminded me that I was stuck inside pretty much all day. Then I moved to Costa Rica. Mother Nature soon dazzled me with her waves and glorious sunsets. Practically every day, my mornings and afternoons are spent frolicking with nature.

Tamarindo Bay Corduroy Lines

Nose Riding Ninja

Nose Riding Ninja

So when it came time to decide how I should print my postcard designs for Samba to the Sea Designs, choosing to be eco-friendly was an easy choice. In the past two-and-a-half years I have spent so much enjoying Mother Nature that if I was going to print a paper product, it better be in an eco-conscious way. No cutting down more beautiful trees! Plus, the added benefit of printing on 100% recycled paper was that the matte finish on the cards is way cooler than the glossy paper stock. Add in the recycled, kraft paper envelopes for my notecards and the recycled atlas envelopes for my mini cards and you have some winning combinations.

BUT caring about Mother Nature does not stop there. Protecting our planet should be a way of life. So, in celebration of Earth Day today,

I pledge to:

  1. Be more prepared when I go to the beach & pick up a bag full of rubbish each time I am on the beach.
  2. Always have my reusable shopping bag for groceries vs the plastic bags.
  3. Recycle my cans and glass at the recycling trash can in town.
  4. Line dry my clothes.

Now it is your turn!

What can you do more or less of to help keep our Earth beautiful? Here are some tips from the beautiful brand ambassadors for MI OLA.

  • Walk/bike/skate/skip more often and use the car less.
  • Turn off the light whenever you leave the room.
  • Use a refillable coffee mug at your local coffee shop and a BPA free refillable water bottle.
  • Use less water while washing dishes and showering.
  • Participate in a food co-op and compost your waste.
  • Cut down on single-use plastics – not buying bottled water, not using plastic bags at the store etc.

It all sounds so simple, and it is. Small things lead to big things. Do your part!

Sunset Tamarindo Costa Rica San Francisco Point