The surfing world can be very small at times. Like one or two degrees of separation small. Enter Becca. She contacted me back in December about her upcoming trip to Tamarindo. It just so happens that I not only know her brother through surfing Tamarindo, but also Becca designed and worked for our mutual friends, the Faherty Brothers(Well, it seems that everyone knows the Faherty Brothers…)

This past week I had the pleasure of meeting with Becca over some poolside beers. We chatted about New York, Costa Rica, surfing, and of course, clothing design.  She recently moved to Iowa from New York and is doing design and brand work for Boat House Apparel.  Given that we both share a gusto for fashion, we also decided to have some fun and do a quick product photo shoot for Boat House. Major props to Becca for rocking a long sleeve shirt in 90 plus degree Costa Rican heat.

Click here to check out the photos via my photography site, Samba to the Sea Photography.

Pura Vida,