What a week! In between sewing kimonos, doing stock for Samba to the Sea cards, training at jiu jitsu, twitter-floppy blogging for Robert August and Mi Ola, packing for my trip to the US, watching Costa Rica advance to the second round in the World Cup, AND chasing waves, I also squeezed in THREE photo shoots for my friends. And y’all thought I was a surf bum

Each shoot was so much fun and I can’t begin to than my friends for letting me take pictures of them. If you are paying attention, then you already saw pictures of stunner Hali Love in some awesome yoga poses. The other two photo sessions were extra special since I was capturing my beautiful friends in their sixth and seventh month of pregnancy. Such a special time in their lives!

Phew…now time to come up for a breath and head to the US tomorrow!
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Pura Vida,