Endles Summer Tama Style

Well, Costa Rica finally did it…it sucked me in and I got lost in Pura Vida land. Seriously, a month without a peep from my normal loquacious self! So that begs the question…what have I been up to???

I promise it has not been all fun and games…well, actually since I love my job, I guess it has been all fun! I know, just rub it in a little more…but hey, like I mentioned in one earlier posts and to quote Bruce Brown, “If you are willing to take a leap of faith, get off your butt, who knows how many great things are waiting in the world out there?”

So finally I am going to answer your ever important question of what made me ignore you guys for a whole month; Last weekend was Robert August’s annual charity event down here in Costa Rica, aptly named Surf n Turf. Basically, four-man teams compete in a golf scramble and then a surf contest for bragging rights, all while raising money for a local non-profit supporting the underprivileged kids in the local area.

Since I was helping to run logistics for the event,┬áthis past month was crunch time as. Lucky me, this was my first Surf n Turf, so it was trial by fire! All in all, I had a great time participating in the event and most importantly we raised over $25,000 for the local kids here! I might give myself a small pat on the back for that…glad to see that hard work pays off, especially for a great cause! Oh, and it didn’t hurt that my team won second in the surf contest and my golf game was not too crappy…Team Awesome!

Team Awesome

Waimea Drive

And don’t worry guys, I have been able to sneak in a surf or two…thanks to waking up every day pretty much for a month straight at 5:30AM to go surf. The early bird gets the worm! Consequently, I have been a lucky gal and rewarded with some awesome water shots of me surfing! Thanks Leo!! Oh, and even earlier wake up calls enable you to hitch a ride to get to Ollie’s Point…most amazing wave I have surfed thus far!!! I still am drooling thinking of this wave…more to come later on this trip!

Roca Bruja

Wave Perfection

Dropping In

Facial Expressions

Rail Grab

Get It

So, can someone finally pinch me? Am I really living this dream? Two weeks ago I was out surfing with Wingnut (yes, that WNut from Endless Summer II) and his client Erik; I just finished this beautiful ride and I paddled back out with the huge smile on my face and jokingly told them to pinch me. I commented, “When did I get so lucky to be apart of this world? I am surfing beautiful waves and sharing it was such awesome people.”

Bob Sandwich

Getting pitted

Who would have thought that a year ago I was sitting in my cubicle, frustrated and tired of winter in NYC? Good thing I pursued that New Year’s Resolution two years ago and starting learning how to surf! I definitely am a lucky and blessed girl…thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who encouraged me to follow my heart and who have welcomed me into this into this pretty bitchin world!


Pura Vida,