5 Reasons to Snail Mail A Card

E-mail used to be so cool. As fast as the dial-up connection would allow you could send off a note and receive a written response within minutes. And what about text messages? T9 was all the rave! But now it seems that we are way too accessible with the plethora of messaging services thanks to good ole technology.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to stay in touch with my family and friends in real time with Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, FaceTime, iMessage, email, etc., but a hand written note is like gold. Especially if the note is written in an awesome card.

So in honor of the last day of #NationalLetterWritingMonth, here are my Top 5 Reasons to snail mail a card TODAY!

Top 5 Reasons

  1. Mother’s Day is May 10th. Make sure your card arrives in time for her special day.
  2. Services like HandNoted.com make it even easier. You don’t even have to go shopping for a card! Just visit their site, pick a card, write your note, select a handwriting style, and HandNoted does the rest!
  3. Cards are way more fun to hang on your cubicle wall than printing an email or text message.
  4. Give your brain a challenge and write your note in cursive. Yea, not as easy as you thought! Say hello to 2nd grade cursive lessons all over again.
  5. Because receiving a card in the mail in the stack of bills can brighten a loved ones day.
  6. I know I said 5 reasons, but oh well I lied. Plus, if you click here, you can enter to win a gift package of some pretty awesome Samba to the Sea Designs cards. Yes, that is right. Free cards so you can snail mail the love to someone special. Contest ends TOMORROW.

Do you have any really good reasons to send a note? Leave a comment below!