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367 days ago, one of my close friends since childhood presented me with a journal.  However, it is not just a normal journal, but rather a five year memory book where you write a line a day. Instead of writing an entry on the blank pages from front cover to back cover, for your first entry you find the current date (i.e. September 23) in the journal, and compose your one line entry for that day. You then continue the next day, and every day after that, until you complete one year of entries. When you complete that year, you then write your daily entries underneath the prior years entry. The added benefit here is that you are instantly reminded of where you were and what you did exactly one, two, three, four or five years ago.

Well, 365 days ago, on September 23, 2012, I inked my first entry,

“NY, NY it has been an amazing ride. Thank you for your love and also being a pain in my butt. Here is the adventure that awaits! XOs KB”

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To say that the past year has been an amazing adventure is an understatement. So in the spirit of reflecting, and instead of waiting for December and the common year in review, I thought I would  re-post some photos of the past year, since I do tend to tell my life story through photographs…

What started it all: Leaving NYC

I Don't Know About That


Three Generations

 “I surfed with dolphins today = AMAZING/ take your breath away moment @Newport Beach”

Hand Stand Practice

Here is to a CR adventure!’ 

Mimicking the clouds

Experiencing Pura Vida 

Pura Vida

Thanksgiving Costa Rica Style

Costa Rican transportation

Working for Robert AugustKB and RA

 “My desk has an ocean front view of beautiful waves”

BDay Present to Secret Spot

Go Surfing

“Life is like riding a wave…A wave only breaks once and you only live once”

Wingnut Showing Off

What Samba to the Sea means…

Get It

Watching the sky get painted…

“Perhaps the most beautiful sunset I have seen.”

Heaven is an Ocean MnH

Dawn Patrols:

“Glad I got out of bed…waves were on fire…caught a really awesome, long left.”

Facial Expressions Perfection at Ollie’s

Getting some

“Amazing day in the office…got barreled twice”

Grande Barrel

Wedding season:


 Getting a custom made Robert August surfboard:

“I have heard that sometimes your first time is not that good. Mine was amazing…Waimea rocked my world.”


Creating Postcards

Sunsets in a Row

So here is to what the next year will bring!

Pura Vida,